Android Projects

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Bored at Work

Java Projects

HHPnet Core domain core logic written on Java and published on JitPack

HHPnet API API written using Spring Framework

PHP Projects Personal project related to music, I started it June 2000, and it is still live, the main objective is to provide people a place to listen to amateur copyleft Hip Hop/Rap/RnB/Reggae music. It is build using PHP5.4.

CollegeFB Package to install via composer. It is the core of a new project I’m working on, the idea is to create a database of College Football teams, so you can download the domain logic of the website.

YExtend Based on YAF framework I have created an extension to deal with the framework easily, mostly you can find here an extension to build ajax controllers, so you can send to the user the view in json format. Sadly it is not documented.

Javascript Projects

HHPnet Frontend SPA written using ReactJS

Backbone Workshop It is not a project itself, it should be used only for educational purposes, I created a backbone application for a workshop where people learned to deal with backbone.

Backbone Bug Tracker The same as above, it is a workshop I did where people created a Bug Tracker using Backbone.

HHPjs All the javascript code used by it is outdated.

VMJsTests Environment created using Puppet + Vagrant which should be used to test javascript code using jsTestDriver and Karma without the pain of configuring the whole environment to test your javascript code

Workshop NodeJS for PHP Developers Workshop given to PHP developers that were interested in learning node.js

IPLookup Simple API to lookup for the country where a IP belongs to, not ready to use in production

Puppet/Vagrant projects

VagrantDemo Demo of different Vagrant + Puppet configurations, used only for tests, so newbies can start using Puppet easily.

Compile Debian Machine Machine used to compile packages for Debian Wheezy and then can be installed on other machines using Wheezy. I use to install Debian on my servers, so the purpose of this machine is to compile and test the installation of packages that are not available in Debian repositories.

Puppet ISPConfig Install ISPConfig 3 using Puppet easily, it configures a machine with Nginx, MySQL, PHP5 and ISPConfig 3 in less than 10 minutes.

Workshop Vagrant + Puppet Learn how to deal with Puppet using Vagrant step by step, workshop given many times.